Dress Code

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All Clothing and Accessories

NCAS Student Dress Code

What to Wear – Tops
  • NCAS Shirt
  • NCAS Hoodie with an NCAS Shirt underneath.
What NOT to Wear – Tops
  • bandanas
  • tube tops, tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts under a NCAS hoodie
  • hats of any kind
  • Any gang related items
What to Wear – Bottoms
  • blue jeans
  • black, khaki, white or grey pants/jeans, shorts or skirts
What NOT to Wear – Bottoms
  • athletic/sweat pants
  • short skirts (must pass finger length test)
  • short shorts (must pass finger length test)
  • pants deemed to be inappropriate or provocative by admin
  • slippers
  • sagging pants
  • Any gang related items
NCAS students will not be allowed in class out of dress code.

Students who are not in dress code will be sent home to the main office to:

  1. Change into appropriate dress (including use of a school “loaner”)
  2. Call home to have parents bring appropriate dress

School Uniforms Online

Parents can order their student’s school uniform online with our uniform vendor SAI Team Sports. Uniforms are available for purchase on the school website and in the NCAS student store.