The NCAS Difference

Noel Community Arts School is a Denver Public School Innovation school focused on arts-infused education program utilizing project-based, experiential learning and artistic demonstration of knowledge and skills. NCAS has committed to an extended day and extended year which will allow for additional instruction time to close learning gaps in core academic areas while also providing a full and rich learning experience that prepares students with skills that are critical to success in college and career.

NCAS will provide a rigorous academic program to ensure that students graduate ready for success in college and career. Students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for art as a representation of human experience. NCAS will leverage the arts to engage in relevant academic pursuits as well as to enrich the lives of students and prepare them with critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills essential in the 21st-century workforce.

NCAS will foster a culture that values both individualization and community. All members of the NCAS community will be valued, accepted and encouraged. Students will learn about themselves and others and how a diversity of thought and perspective result in higher levels of achievement for all.

NCAS Guiding Principles and Goals